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If you want to make a donation, feel free to write the amount you want to give, in this page.

We will be very thankful !


How this donation page works ?

The user writes here the amount he wants to give (in other words : a sum to delete from his account), clicks on the button "add to cart", then enters his information and the money will be deleted from his bank account.

This page is done thanks to a price quantity override plugin which modifies the price of the product based on a custom item field (the donation input field of that page).

The donation plugin is already installed by default with the Business edition of HikaShop. You can find it in the folder plugins/system/custom_price of your website if you want to see its code. Via your back-end, publish the plugin entitled "donation". Then you will have to create a custom field of the table "item" with the column name "amount" in order to use it.

You can take example on our backend setup of this product and custom field in order to get the same result on your end.



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